Mind Mapping

Produced by Kalin Tonev

ブルガリア人キーボーディストKalin Tonev率いるシンフォニック・プログレ・バンド
TRAVELHOUSE's 1st album. TravelHouse is the brainchild of keyboarder/composer Kalin Tonev. His experience includes more than 20 groups, lots of shows in the biggest stages and clubs, festivals and tours in Bulgaria and abroad. He also manages his own prog-rock show at the Bulgarian National Radio. Featuring guitar virtuoso Biser Ivanov and Pavel Milenov (drums) the band is the premier progressive rock project at their home.

  • Released by: Riva Sound
  • Label No. RSCD 3146
  • Release date: 2008
11 songs / duration: 61:47
  • 1 Route No. 1 5:47
  • 2 Guru In Love 6:49
  • 3 Black Coffee Mornings 6:34
  • 4 Clouds 3:43
  • 5 More Magic From Oz 5:01
  • 6 Dark Gentleman 9:07
  • 7 Blink 1:12
  • 8 Archived Travels: Neutron I 6:07
  • 9 Travels With a Son of a Gun 4:37
  • 10 Keeping the House: Neutron III 6:04
  • 11 Archived Travels: Neutron II 6:46
  • I´ve had a really good time listening to Mind Mapping. It´s the kind of album that you can put on both for listening pleasure and for background music. You don´t need to pay attention all the time, but if you do there´re plenty of details to examine. A 3.5 star rating is warranted.

  • TravelHouse does not reinvent the wheel with this disc. They do, however, manage to present some tried and true musical ideas in a somewhat original way. I'd be hard-pressed to compare them to anybody, but their approach is maybe akin to American band Djam Karet, who also meld similar musical influences, albeit with somewhat different results.

1 The Beginning - Intro -