Conception Of Perception

Produced by Konstantin Jambazov

VirtueL, the melodic progressive rock band formed by three Bulgarian musicians, Rosen Angelov, Nick Markov, Konstantin Jambazov. Since they live in UK, USA and Bulgaria respectively, the songs are produced via Internet. In 2011, VirtueL released the first album "VirtueL - I". Konstantin Jambazov, produced this album, is known as activity of Melodic har rock/AOR duo "ClearLand", Thrash metal band "Hades" and session works with Nelko Kolarov (Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus, Brazen Abbot, former Robin Gibb Band). He is a multi-instrumentalist over genre.

  • Released by: ORPHICTONE
  • Label No. ORPH-0001
  • Release date: 24 September 2013
14 songs / duration: 70:45
  • 1 The Beginning - Intro - 2:14
  • 2 Arguing With Shadows 9:18
  • 3 All Night 3:09
  • 4 Farewell To A Golden Heart 6:20
  • 5 Rearranged 3:13
  • 6 I'm Back 4:39
  • 7 Indecision 5:31
  • 8 The River Of Destiny 5:52
  • 9 Off They Go 5:04
  • 10 My Portal To Heaven 7:05
  • 11 Faraway 5:43
  • 12 What An Old Man 6:28
  • 13 Conception Of Perception 4:34
  • 14 Delight - Outro- 1:34
  • The Bulgarian threesome Virtuel is a band that knows its way around symphonic progressive rock, melodic hard rock and progressive metal, and mostly explores within the confines of these three styles on their latest album "Conception of Perception" in an intelligent and compelling manner. Symphonic inspired keyboard arrangement and neo-classical guitar soloing represent two of the most common aspects of their compositions, which otherwise range from the flamboyant and bombastic to the compelling and easygoing in expression. As far as a key audience is concerned, I suspect most of those who have Queen, ELP and early Malmsteen on high rotation should enjoy this disc, and of Deep Purple and Dream Theater are other bands to your liking I'd say that this CD should be a fairly safe buy.

  • This is a bit hard to place in a progressive-rock sub-genre. It has the musical elements of 70s arena rock, neo-progressive rock, and to a lesser degree, Progressive Metal. References to Pendragon and Asia would certainly be reasonable. At times the vocalist sounds much like John Wetton, although with a slightly sunnier tone. Keyboards, mostly electric, play a major role, and the occasional nod to Rick Wakeman can be heard. The music is lively, and there's a lot going on at the same time.

1 The Beginning - Intro -