Matter in the Nothingness

Produced by Konstantin Jambazov

The most remarkable musician at the present day in Bulgaria. Active in the band or project as ClearLand, Virtuel and Hades. Solo album with exhilarating melodiousness, intellectual and mysterious. It appears eccentric mystic peculiarity in the interval of the sound.

  • Released by: ORPHICTONE
  • Label No. ORPH-0003
  • UPC/EAN: 4988044921351
  • Release date: 27 May 2015
11 songs / duration: 55:36
  • 1 Minute before the crash 1:49
  • 2 Infernal Genesis 5:45
  • 3 Unbalanced Conclusion 6:21
  • 4 Musical Snobbery 9:25
  • 5 Nereus 5:01
  • 6 Shoe on the head 1:24
  • 7 Why I do, what I'm Going 5:24
  • 8 Escalation of Idiocy 5:40
  • 9 Sceleton without the Skull 4:39
  • 10 Spider or Kangaroo 6:18
  • 11 Vegetarian with Hunting Rifle 3:49
  • "Matter in the Nothingness" is the tenth solo album by Konstantin Jambazov, and he reveals himself as quite the quirky and sophisticated purveyor of instrumental progressive metal on this album. With half a foot inside the guitar hero solo album approach and a foot and a half securely placed inside a demanding and sophisticated part of the progressive metal universe, this is an artist that warrants a check by those who are fans of both those types of artists, and then in particular if the inclusion of jazz and classical music oriented passages into such a context is seen as a positive feature.

  • “Matter In The Nothingness” is one of the best Prog-Metal albums of 2015, released by an extraordinary musician, named Konstantin Jambazov – a man who makes alone what other bands can do only as a team! His new album is outstanding, awesome, and radical, consisting in an absolutely indispensable item for fans of “Ron Jarzombek”, “Jason Becker”, “Tony MacAlpine”, “Yngwie Malmsteen”, “Marty Friedman”, “Dream Theater”, “Symphony X”, “Liquid Tension Experiment”, “Explorers’ Club”, “WatchTower”, “Spastic Ink”, “Blotted Science”, “Cacophony”, “Animals As Leaders”, “The Fractured Dimension”, “Psychotic Waltz”, “Dillinger Escape Plan”, “Cynic”, and so on.